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Created in 600 BD, the Cloaca Maxima is one of the oldest known sewer systems and it is located in the Forum Boarium area of Ancient Rome. This sewer extended from the Tiber river to much of the spaces throughout Ancient Rome.  Known as the cattle forum of Rome, the Forum Boarium was a commercial and trade center. It is one of the earliest portions of Ancient Rome and many of the connecting bridges and roads date to its early inception. This is also the site of early gladiatorial battles, including the first such one.

Several notable historical buildings flank the site and special consideration has been taken to retain significance. Both the Temple of Hercules Victor, a monopteros design, and the The Temple of Portunus remain on the western edge of the site. Existing on a public square on the Northeastern portion of the site remains the Arch of Janus, the only quadrifrons triumphal arch remaining in Rome. South of the site is the Basilica Santa Maria In Cosmedin with its own Bocca della Verità.

Due to the historical importance of the site any intervention must protect and enhance the current site. The resulting building helps to correctly divert pedestrian traffic to each of the existing sites while framing out and visually connecting each of these areas.

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