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Gordon Thomas LaPlante

My first book.


What started as a collection for my portfolio turned into this 157 page book. 

Gordon Thomas LaPlante

I am interested in the details and materials making up a spatial composition and how they interact with a structural fabric within. It is necessary to study and exploit these relations to create a deeper connection between a space and its relationship, and it is through this process that a true architectural or procedural connection is formed.

I have a Bachelor degree in Architecture and I am also a registered Architect. My path through life has moved into many other areas and I have continued to grow through them.


I am passionate about many things revolving about the process of creation. Through my career I have touched upon many fields including: programming, scripting, 3d modeling / rendering, graphic design, carpentry, product design, architecture, electronics, machining, casting and many more. I am always thirsty to learn a new skill or gain knowledge from the experts. This website is a place for me to share my ideas and maybe inspire someone.

Through many personal and professional projects, I have made an attempt to explore various design approaches, their results and ways of conveying them to the viewer. My experience ranges from programming and electronics to architecture and product design. I like pursuing and evaluating new technologies and methods as well as learning manufacturing techniques. Photography and video has provided me with a way to document my experiences but I still rely on my sketchbook as means to catalog my inspiration. 

3DI Graphics

I started personal career as 3DI Graphics producing architectural renderings and animations for various industry-level clients.


GTL Design was formed in early 2002. Located in Brooklyn, NY, it spawned into a graphics and design studio with over 100 completed projects which have been displayed in several publications and on many sites across the internet.



GTL Design officially ceased operation in 2010 when I began to work for Tobin | Parnes Design located in NYC. While with TPD I worked on many notable projects including West Point MIlitary Academy, Madison Square Garden and the Paramount building in Times Square.



I am currently the co-owner of gCreate, a premiere large format desktop 3d printer manufacturer. We design, manufacture and sell professional 3d printers out of our Brooklyn facility. Through this venture I have learned about how to run a company and produce a high level professional product and all of the aspects associated with it. Our printer continues to grow and be one of the most desirable affordable 3d printers in our class.

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