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Tokyo, Japan

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This project was featured on the cover of Architecture for Transportation. A full color published book representing transportation projects by some of the world premiere architecture firms.

Link to Book

This study was created using a simple rule set. A single module was created which populates a radial field and by altering the layering of these modules a sheltered space is created. There are 3 tracks converging in the cylindrical space providing 2 loading platforms on different levels.

The concrete structure was designed to reflect a standard pre-existing configuration allowing the strong spiral steel to become even more prevalent. Interaction with the street below remains minimal as the tracks are allowed to snake through the city and reinforce the transportation fabric of the city. This module and structure combination has many more configurations beyond this cylindrical form and they may be explored in another project.

study_render (5)
exploded detail_rendered
perspective render with city (4)
perspective section_render
side elevation
aerial plan view
aerial peraspective
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